Global Relationships and Consulting

F.H. Kaysing Company is a federally licensed United States Customs Broker based in Wichita, Kansas. We offer our clients a wide range of services, including remote location filing (RLF), outport broker management, entry auditing, post entry representation, digital record keeping, research and compliance counseling. F.H. Kaysing Company is a Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Member.

At F.H. Kaysing, we are dedicated to providing accurate and timely information on each entry. We work to minimize the risk of fines, penalties and seizures for our clients. Our Automated Broker Interface (ABI) compliance rate on a national average is over 99%. Last year, we facilitated the importing of over $1.6 billion worth of goods into the U.S. by air, ship and truck.

In addition to the Customs clearance and related logistics coordination services, F. H. Kaysing Company can support your firm’s efforts to address Customs compliance responsibilities with consulting services through our Trade Compliance Team. Our services include export compliance procedures assistance, antidumping/countervailing duty issues, import compliance/operating procedures support, researching and responding to CBP Communications, and C-TPAT participation support.

F.H. Kaysing was started in 1929 by Fred H. Kaysing. Today, our business employs over 30 people and still runs on the traditions of hard work, world-class customer service and the pursuit of professional excellence started by Mr. Kaysing. We strive to continue to be recognized as an example of honesty and integrity throughout the industry, and remain committed to keeping our clients informed and compliant with the Department of Homeland Security.