Useful Tips for AESDirect in ACE

Wednesday, May18, 2016

The US Census Bureau sent the following message to the trade with timely information regarding the legacy AESDirect.  Please be sure to contact FHK with any questions you may have.

May 16, 2016
Useful Tips for AESDirect in ACE

With the legacy AESDirect application ( going offline after this Friday, May 20th, we wanted to highlight useful tips and frequently asked questions regarding the Refactored ACE AESDirect application. Keep in mind, that after Friday you will not have access to the Shipment Manager or the resources at

1.    If you do not have an ACE account, you can access the ACE Exporter Account at:

2.    Once you have ACE Exporter Account access, here are the steps to access the Refactored ACE AESDirect:
a.  Use the most recent version of Internet Explorer, version 11, NOT Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
b.  Make sure pop-up blockers are turned OFF
c.  Click on the “Accounts” tab
d.  Under “Select Account Type” choose “Exporter” and then click “Go”
e.  Under “Select Task” click on “Submit AESDirect Filings”
f.  First time to log in the “Terms and Conditions” page will pop up, accept the terms
g.  Every log in, select the green box “Create Export Filing”

3.    Be familiar with the ACE AESDirect User Guide. It details all of the specifics for AESDirect filing including how to log in, create Party Profiles, which fields are mandatory, etc.

4.    Instructions for retrieving and correcting Electronic Export Information (EEI) previously filed in the legacy AESDirect:
a.  Select the ‘Amend AES Filing’ option under the Shipment Manager screen.
b.  Enter the Internal Transaction Number (ITN), Filer ID, and Shipment Reference Number for the shipment you would like to retrieve.
Note: Using the standard search will not show any shipment that was submitted

5.    Continue to use Appendix A of the AESTIR for guidance on resolving Fatal error messages.

For further information or questions, contact the U.S. Census Bureau’s Data Collection Branch.

Telephone: (800) 549-0595, select option 1 for AES


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