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Clarification of ADD/CVD for Aluminum Extrusions

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Clarification of ADD/CVD for Aluminum Extrusions

Some clarification regarding articles that fall under the ADD/CVD case for aluminum extrusions has finally emerged due to several court cases.  The clarification is regarding those articles that qualify under the “finished merchandise” exemption of the scope.  An article in Broker Power stated, “Commerce is now consistently using the same reasoning to find products made entirely of aluminum extrusions are subject to ADD/CVD duties”.  The scope clearly names finished articles such as fence posts, heat sinks, etc. as included as well as products that have various processing performed such as coating, polishing, powder coating, etc.  Before exploring the “finished merchandise” exemption it must first be determined if the finished article contains extruded aluminum component(s) in addition to non-extruded aluminum components.

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