Potential Internet Security Threats

Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Potential Internet Security Threats

Per Automated Export System (AES) Broadcast #2011059, the U.S Bureau of Census Computer Incident Response Team (BOC CIRT) has received alerts regarding malicious e-mail messages purporting to be from well known companies in the international trade community. These messages target computer users involved with export compliance and international shipping. The Census Bureau will track these alerts as BOC CIRT security incidents until remediation steps are taken.

Recent events involve e-mails claiming to be from reputable companies asking users to open an attached file to fill out, sign and return back to the mimicking company. These attachments often contain a piece of malware known as a “keylogger” that records all of the keystrokes entered on the computer (including user names and passwords). This malware is a virus and could cause harm to your computer, if exposed.

To be safe, you should open only attachments that you expect to receive from companies and people you know. Remain up-to-date virus scanning and malware scanning tools on each computer that is used to access the Internet.

For further information, contact the U.S. Census Bureau’s AES Branch at (800) 549-0595 or email: askaes@census.gov.


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