Is Your Section 301 Documentation In Order?

Friday, October 9, 2018

Is Your Section 301 Documentation In Order?

When the United States Trade Representative (USTR) issued their three lists of products that fall under Section 301 additional tariffs, many importers scrutinized their classifications to reconfirm that the correct HTS was being applied. In some cases, their review indicated that changes were necessary to ensure proper reporting of their goods. It is important to remember that if the analysis renders a revised classification, then it may be necessary to file a prior disclosure.

As CBP begins auditing goods subject to Section 301 duties, importers may notice an increase in Requests for Information (CF 28’s).  

Having been mostly duty-free in addition to intellectual property rights, goods falling in chapters 84 and 85 will likely be the focus in the early phase.

As always, it is imperative that importers exercise reasonable care by retaining all documentation necessary to substantiate any changes made, or claims they declare.

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