History of FH Kaysing

Fred H KaysingHe was a pioneer in the customs brokerage industry for over a half a century. He was a leader in the import community and vocal advocate for growth in the Kansas City area. He is Fred H. Kaysing, founder of the F. H. Kaysing Company. Mr. Kaysing was 21 years old and working for Chase Bag Company located in St. Louis, Missouri, when he entered into the Customs Brokerage Industry. He admitted it was purely accidental. “It was funny how I got into the business,” he said in an article from the Kansas City Star dated May 21, 1967. “My work with the bag companies put me in touch with the grain brokers from time to time. Then one day I saw an ad in the newspaper asking for a man to learn brokerage business. It turned out to be a customs house brokerage and I went to work for them as a runner, taking papers to the customs house.”

Brokers License 7 As a customs broker, Mr. Kaysing became a representative with the C. H. Wyman Company in Kansas City, Kansas in 1913. Later he entered into partnership with Mrs. A. D. Jones who had been established in Kansas City since 1906. In 1929, when Mrs. Jones retired, the firm continued under the name F. H. Kaysing Company. As a special note of interest, Mr. Kaysing’s broker license was 7. In 1974, Kaysing opened a satellite office in Wichita, Kansas, and in 2011, Jeanie Metzen acquired the company where today they employ over 20 people.

Wichita Offices Today F. H. Kaysing operates in Wichita Kansas, offering a wide range of services which includes remote location filing (RLF), outport broker management, entry auditing, post entry representation, digital record keeping, research, and compliance consulting. It continues the tradition of hard work, world-class customer service and pursuit of professional excellence as established by Mr. Kaysing nearly a century ago.

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