Grace Period for Reporting Lacey Act Declaration

 Thursday May 13, 2010

Grace Period for Reporting Units of Measure on Lacey Act Declaration


Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service (APHIS) sources have announced the agency is granting a two-month grace period regarding the change for reporting quantities on the Plant and Plant Product Declaration (PPQ Form 505).   Beginning May 1, 2010, APHIS required that plant material quantities are to be reported using standardized metric units (kg, m, m2, m3). The agency will no longer accept counts of items (pieces, number, boxes, etc.) as valid units of measure. 


In response to industry concerns, APHIS will implement a grace period (ending July 1, 2010) to allow time for the industry to make the needed changes to the declaration procedures.


Notice to be posted on Lacey Act Webpage: