Full Enforcement ISF

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Full Enforcement ISF

On May 14, 2015 CBP will begin full enforcement of ISF.  Overall there are no changes to the Regulation, but local ports now have the full authority to issue liquidated damages for late/inaccurate filings without the need to process through CBP headquarters.  The process of issuing warning letters to importers of late/inaccurate filings is also no longer required prior to accessing liquidated damages.  All liquidated damage claims will now be issued on a uniform CBP letterhead.

In a webinar held on May 5, 2015 CBP once again stressed the importance ISF timeliness and accuracy.  CBP placed heavy emphasis on the requirements that the ISF must be filed against the lowest Bill of Lading and receipt of the Bill of Lading match message timely.  Without the Bill of Lading match, the ISF filing is not visible to CBP.  Timeliness is determined by the VDM (vessel departure message) that the carriers are responsible for reporting.  At this time the ISF data is not being compared against the Customs entry data, but in the webinar CBP stated this does indeed happen in some instances where a hold is placed on the cargo due to no ISF on file at the time of arrival in the US.  CBP encouraged importers to use the ISF reports available to them in the ACE portal to help monitor ISF status.

Below are some helpful links containing additional information on this subject matter.