FHK is a solid entity

Monday, June 6, 2011



I want to begin by thanking you for the care and support you’ve provided during this difficult time. We always knew Ron was well-regarded within the business community, but the outpouring of cards, letters, phone calls and flowers has been truly heartwarming and remarkable.

I also want to address any concerns you may have about the future. FHK is a solid entity and will remain so. Ron had made provisions for me to succeed him as President of FHK and it is my intention to keep operations intact so that our clients will not experience any type of disruption.

Ron and I had planned years ago to hire employees who had a desire to grow with the company. These employees have proven themselves to be hard-working and innovative in their daily approach to business and I value each one as individuals and as a group. Our staff has achieved a long-term knowledge of our client base and they provide the stability that is required to serve your needs. Our goal is to assure you that we are here to stay.

It has been my experience that clients desire long-term stable relationships and I made a commitment and pledge to Ron that I would continue as he would have wanted. Please know that I am available to address any lingering questions or concerns you may have.

Best regards,

Jeanie Metzen, President
F. H. Kaysing Company