Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

October 24, 2008

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) is increasing the type of products that require testing and based on the testing, a general conformity certificate typically referred as a “supplier’s declaration of conformity” for products manufactured on or before November 12, 2008 will be required.

The CPSC has a list of regulated and unregulated products that will help determine which products require general conformity testing/certification. The list may be found at: Products for which it does not have jurisdiction may be located here:

The CPSC has listed the information that should be included on the general conformity certificate as follows:

1. 1. Identification of the product covered by the certificate;

2. 2. Citation to each CPSC product safety regulation to which the product is being certified;

3. 3. Identification of the foreign manufacturer certifying compliance of the product;

4. 4. Identification of the U.S. importer certifying compliance of the product;

5. 5. Identification of the private labeler certifying compliance of the product (if any);

6. 6. Contact information for the individual maintaining records of test results;

7. 7. Date and place where product was manufactured;

8. 8. Date and place where the product was tested for compliance with the regulation cited above;

9. 9. Identification of any third-party laboratory on whose certificate depends.