Community and Charity Events


Based upon the recommendation of the National PBS office, KPTS launched a new initiative titled “Veterans Coming Home”.  FHK is honored to be a part of this and share information.  If you click here: you can learn more about the project.  You will find STORIES OF SERVICE from local veterans, as well as national stories from veterans.  You will also find on this website four core areas entitled HEALTH, EDUCATION, JOBS and FAMILIES to help veterans. Click on each link to take you to local resources as well as national resources.  Please join us in helping our veterans!

  vch-2016-ticket-sponsors           FHK and KPTS


F.H. Kaysing goes to the Circus! Click the image below

FHK-Shrine Circus


Many years ago FH Kaysing decided to help in the fight against cancer.  We began with corporate sponsorship for Relay For Life, which we continue to do, and in addition we have evolved into active participation in team fundraising.  We raised over $800 on our very first fundraiser!  We wish to extend a big thank you to all the corporate donors who helped make this possible and a special thanks to all our volunteers!




F. H. Kaysing Company is pleased to be a sponsor of the Special Olympics and to help carry on the hope of building communities and changing attitudes.