Classification of Aircraft Parts

Friday, May 31, 2013

Classification of Aircraft Parts


The Regulatory Information Society of Kansas (RISK) and the Wichita World Trade Council (WWTC) are co-sponsoring an Aircraft Parts Classification Seminar. The presenters will be two U.S. Customs and Border Protection National Import Specialists, Barbara Kaiser and Matthew Sullivan.


The seminar will be held on Thursday, July, 25th, at a venue in Wichita that has not yet been determined.  We will keep you informed as details develop.  Below is a list of topics the NISs will be discussing:

  • The hierarchy of the National Commodity Specialist Division and their Headquarters Division in Office of Rulings and Regulations
  • The various NISs, their assigned commodities and contact information
  • Rulings and how to request a binding ruling either through the mail, or e-ruling
  • Classification of Aircrafts in Chapter 88
  • The difference between “Civil” and other types of aircraft
  • General Note 6 (Civil Aircraft Act) SPI “C” and documents required for entry
  • Use of the General Rules of Interpretations
  • Aircraft Engines and their parts
  • Definition of a base metal
  • Definition of “parts of general use”
  • Classifying merchandise in heading 8302, parts vs. accessories, etc.

If anyone has scenarios or examples regarding the above topics that you would like to have addressed at the seminar, please send them to Kerry Layton by June 6th.  Kerry may be reached at or 816-741-7500.