CBP Revocations/ Modifications of Rulings and Treatment

December 16, 2009
CBP Proposes Revocations/Modifications of Rulings and Treatment
CBP intends to revoke/modify rulings involving tariff classification for nine items and NAFTA eligibility and marking for one item.   They are inviting comments on the correctness of the proposed actions.  Comments must be received on or before January 11, 2010.
§  Plastic Placemats
§  Pressure-Mounted Safety Gates
§  Mass Flow Controllers
§  Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Modules
§  Ski Mittens
§  NAD, Lithium Salt
§  Automotive Fan Shrouds
§  Piezoelectric Ceramic Stack
§  Auxiliary Vehicle Heater Unit
§  Automatic Data Processing Systems (NAFTA Treatment)
CBP Revokes/Modifies Rulings and Treatment
CBP has announced the revocation/modification of rulings regarding tariff classification for five items and one ruling involving valuation of commission payments.  These are effective for merchandise entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after February 8, 2010. 
§  Electrically-Heated Throws and Seat Pads for Automotive Use
§  Lawn Sweeper Hopper Bags
§  Pellicles
§  Fc-77 Fluorinert
§  Valuation of Commission Payments
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