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Customs and Border Protection Revised Schedule for ACE Post Release Deployment

Wednesday, August 3, 2017

Customs and Border Protection Revised Schedule for ACE Post Release Deployment

The final core trade processing capabilities that were scheduled to be moved to ACE on July 8, 2017 have been rescheduled and will now roll out in three separate phases.  These core processes include Statements, Collections, Reconciliation, Drawback, Duty Deferral, Liquidation, (with the exception of the previously deployed electronic posting of Notices of Liquidation on and the Automated Surety Interface (ASI).

The current phased deployment schedule is as follows:

  • ACE Deployment G (September 16, 2017) – Non-ABI Entry Summary/Lineless (for CBP only), Duty Deferral, e214 (electronic Foreign Trade Zone admission) and Manufacturer ID Creation.  These capabilities will mostly be behind-the-scenes for CBP with minimal impact on the trade.
  • ACE Deployment G (December 16, 2017) – Statements.  The Statements cutover plan is currently under review and will be provided as soon as possible.
  • ACE Deployment G (February 24, 2018) – Reconciliation, ACE Core Drawback and Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act (TFTEA) Drawback, Liquidation and Automated Surety Interface (ASI)

CBP has released guidance on the transition of the capabilities to ACE that addresses high level changes and provides ACE programming resources at:

FCC Final Decision Regarding the FCC 740 Form

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

FCC Final Decision Regarding the FCC 740 Form

The Federal Communications Commission released their final decision regarding the requirements for most radiofrequency devices that are imported, marketed, or operated within the U.S.

Among other streamlining decisions, the Commission eliminated the requirement to file the FCC Form 740.  For more information, please click on the following link.

Federal register Notice



Friday, June 30, 2017


The following is a letter Maersk sent to the customers updating them of their recent cyber attack.

Dear Customer 

Once again thank you for all your patience and understanding of the situation. We remain committed to do whatever we can to protect and deliver your cargo. 

 We are seeing great progress in the restoration of our infrastructure, to better serve you.

 We are open for business and are accepting bookings both via INTTRA, online forms accessible on and through EDI.  EDI bookings you made since Tuesday are stored safely and all will be batch confirmed early next week. All channels that have been open are confirmed safe for you to use. Once again all bookings made before the incident on the 27th of June 08:00 are secured and the data is saved in our systems. For those bookings that were confirmed, equipment will be released as normal and you do not need to create duplicate bookings. 

 Our vessels remain fully operational and cargo in transit is being handled close to normal. 

 Around the world we seek to serve our customers best possible and therefore we are building contingencies where this is required, as well as focus on continuously getting back to normal business. 

Almost all ports are operational and running close to normal. We are pleased to share that since yesterday, we have been able to reestablish business in: 

  • Algeciras
  • Tangier
  • Callao Lima
  • Mumbai
  • Itajai
  • Buenos Aires

We are still working on expanding our services in the following ports: 

  • Pier 400 Los Angeles. We are pleased to be able to deliver imports again from the terminal. We are also able to receive and deliver empties. Our priority is now to open up to receive exports. In the meantime, we have diverted TP2 MSC Laurence to TTI to ensure easiest cargo delivery. We hope to share good news and a full plan on this soon. 
  • Port Elizabeth New Jersey. Also delivering imports, and both receiving and delivering empties. Focus is again on being able to receive and gate in exports.    
  • Maasvlakte II Rotterdam. We are still working on a solution to reopen Maasvlakte II. Our top priority remains your cargo and we are therefore diverting services other terminals in and around Rotterdam, to best serve you. These facilities have already restored systems and are able to gate cargo in and out. Despite these difficulties, in Rotterdam and as everywhere, we will do whatever it takes to move your cargo to its final destination as fast as possible. 

You can keep yourself updated on progress via as well as continuous postings on social media. The site and social media are confirmed safe to use. 

For more details on your specific cargo please contact your customer service representative. Many countries have already had their phone systems restored, however we appreciate your flexibility in how to contact us wherever this has not been the case yet. 

Many thanks for your business 

The Maersk Team

FHK will do our best to keep you updated on how this will affect the movement of your cargo and appreciate your patience and understanding.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Please be advised that customers of Maersk received the following letter to keep them updated on the current situation.

Dear Customer 

Following on from our communications yesterday (27th June 2017) regarding the impact of the global cyber attack, Petya, on A.P. Møller-Maersk group, we can confirm that some of our IT and communications infrastructure have been impacted and we have proactively shut down as a security measure.

For now this means the following:

All immediate vessel operations will continue as planned, making the majority of planned port calls.

 Access to most ports is not impacted, however some APM Terminals are affected and gates are closed 

Cargo in transit will be offloaded as planned.  Import Cargo will be released to credit customers

At the present time we are unfortunately unable to serve new quotes or accept future bookings. However we do greatly appreciate your patience and look forward to carrying your cargo as soon as it is practically possible 

 Unfortunately due to the impact on our IT and communications systems we are limited in our ability to communicate with you. We will continue to email you when appropriate and will be updating our Social Media channels regularly.

We apologize once again for any inconvenience this may cause your business and we are working hard to resume normal operations as soon as possible.

The Maersk Team


FHK will do our best to keep you updated on how this will affect the movement of your cargo.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017


CBP is rescheduling the last primary deployment of core trade processing capabilities in ACE which had been scheduled for July 8, 2017.  This deployment includes liquidation (with the exception of the previously deployed electronic posting of the Notices of Liquidation on, reconciliation, drawback, duty deferral, collections and the Automated Surety Interface (ASI).

CBP has been conducting ongoing, rigorous testing to ensure these capabilities will operate successfully.  Latest efforts have revealed areas specific to collections that are in need of further testing before these capabilities can be deployed.  Consequently, CBP is postponing the July 8, 2017 deployment and will communicate further information as soon as possible.

The rescheduled deployment date will be published in a Federal Register Notice at least 30 days in advance of the actual deployment/mandatory transition.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017



A massive ransomware attack has claimed another victim. The Maersk group, the world’s largest shipping company,  reported  a cyber attack has hit their computer systems causing various outages.  Servers across India and Europe were affected and Maersk IT systems are down across multiple sites and business units, including container shipping, port and tugboat operations, oil tankers, and others.

Maersk IT is still assessing the extent of the breakdown to determine the impact to operations.  Supplemental trade alerts will be sent as we learn more details.

Update on Light-emitting diode (LED) Reporting to FDA

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Update on Light-emitting diode (LED) Reporting to FDA

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is providing an update to clarify expectations regarding Light-emitting diodes (LED) reporting.

FDA is issuing an explanation to address the evident confusion regarding the entry transmission expectations for LED products and products containing LEDs. FDA hopes this message will alleviate some of these concerns and lessen the burden this misinterpretation has caused the import community.

FDA is issuing this message as part of its continued outreach efforts to assist the importing community.

To read the entire message, click on the following:

Questions related to the reporting requirements for LEDs may be submitted to FDA’s Division of Import Operations at (301) 796-0356 or

Additional references regarding Light-emitting diode (LED) reporting:

Extension of FCC Form 740 Waiver

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Extension of FCC Form 740 Waiver

Customs and Border Protection has released a notice (CSMS #17-000327) to inform the trade that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is extending the waiver of the requirement for customs brokers and self-filers to file data associated with FCC Form 740 and the importation of Radio Frequency (RF) devices in ACE until September 30, 2017 pending the Commission’s completion of its rulemaking on this issue.

Related CSMS No. 16-001013, 16-000583

To read the entire message, click on the following:

Boeing Files AD and CVD Petitions on Imports of Large Civil Aircraft from Canada

Monday, May 1, 2017

Boeing Files AD and CVD Petitions on Imports of Large Civil Aircraft from Canada

The Boeing Company has filed petitions claiming that Canadian producer Bombardier, Inc. is selling its C series aircraft in the U.S. at “absurdly” low prices with the help of government subsidies.  This alert outlines the scope of the petitions and the estimated schedule of investigations.

To read the full alert, please click on the following alert:

April 27, 2017 Pesticides and Devices EPA Deadline

Monday, April 24, 2017

April 27, 2017 Pesticides and Devices EPA Deadline

Per CSMS Message #17-000159 the next phase of the PGA implementation to ACE is EPA registered pesticides and devices.  Beginning on April 27, 2017 it will be mandatory to either report the electronic data set for EPA Form 3540-1 Notice of Arrival and the Pesticide Product Label.  In order to comply with this new requirement we will need your help. See CSMS link here:

Please begin by reviewing the attached list of the HTS’s that are flagged as EP5 (may be required) and EP6 (reporting required) to determine if your products classified under these HTS’s are regulated by EPA.  If you need assistance determining EPA applicability please review EPA’s guidance that can be found at the below link or contact the EPA Imports Hotline.

If it is determined that your product is regulated then provide the completed 3540-1 and Pesticide Product Label.  If your research reveals that the 3540-1 is not required because your product is not regulated by EPA then provide a completed disclaimer statement and select option A.

EP5 & EP6

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pesticides Disclaimer Statement