April 27, 2017 Pesticides and Devices EPA Deadline

Monday, April 24, 2017

April 27, 2017 Pesticides and Devices EPA Deadline

Per CSMS Message #17-000159 the next phase of the PGA implementation to ACE is EPA registered pesticides and devices.  Beginning on April 27, 2017 it will be mandatory to either report the electronic data set for EPA Form 3540-1 Notice of Arrival and the Pesticide Product Label.  In order to comply with this new requirement we will need your help. See CSMS link here:


Please begin by reviewing the attached list of the HTS’s that are flagged as EP5 (may be required) and EP6 (reporting required) to determine if your products classified under these HTS’s are regulated by EPA.  If you need assistance determining EPA applicability please review EPA’s guidance that can be found at the below link or contact the EPA Imports Hotline.




If it is determined that your product is regulated then provide the completed 3540-1 and Pesticide Product Label.  If your research reveals that the 3540-1 is not required because your product is not regulated by EPA then provide a completed disclaimer statement and select option A.

EP5 & EP6

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pesticides Disclaimer Statement